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The most popular places in Bulgaria

Before you go to such a magical country as Bulgaria, you need to prepare a route through its most striking places in advance. To help with this, we have prepared a list of the most famous and visited places in Bulgaria.

Mount Vitosha in the city of Sofia. Sofia is a city in Bulgaria, which has many bright and memorable places, one of these attractions is Mount Vitosha. Its height is 2290 meters, it will take a lot of strength to climb to the top.

In spring and summer, the mountain attracts tourists with a park where you can walk and enjoy the beauties of the country and fresh air. And from winter to the beginning of spring, the mountain is a wonderful ski resort, the track of which is 29 kilometers long. Everyone can come to the ski resort, both beginners and professionals.

Koprivshtitsa. This is another city in Bulgaria, which is located at a short distance from Sofia. This city reminds all citizens of the era of the Bulgarian National Revival.

In 1876, the inhabitants of Koprivshtitsa rebelled against the Turkish authorities and, despite the fact that they did not receive complete freedom, they significantly weakened the Turkish Empire.

Today, this city is a stronghold of peace and tranquility, and colorful brick houses amaze with their diversity.

Plovdiv. This area covers an area of ​​​​only 100 km2, but at the same time shows the cultural changes that have taken place over the course of six thousand years. Here there are such sights as the amphitheater of antiquity, the Roman stadium, which originated in Bulgaria in the 2nd century, many streets with medieval-style houses, the Sakhat-Tele clock tower (deservedly one of the oldest buildings in Europe).

Perperikon. This city is only 1.5 hours away from Plovdiv. Every year at the end of July, a festival is held in this area, where the god of wine and joy is praised.

At a distance of 20 km from this area is the famous historical museum of Kardzhali, where you can see many things from ancient times.

Valley of roses. This valley is located in a town called Kazanlak. It occupies about 30 km in area.

In June, the famous Damask roses cover the entire area, creating an incredible fragrance.

The monastery in Rila. This building is called "Bulgarian Jerusalem". It is one of the places listed by UNESCO. For tourists who do not want to leave the monastery in a short time, there is the possibility of spending the night in a cell of the monastery or a nearby hotel.

The hotel services also include meals.

An area called "Seven Lakes". These lakes are located next to the Rila Monastery, you don’t even need to go somewhere by car. The lakes can be reached on foot, although the walk will take only 6-7 hours one way or by a lift https://hata.com.gh/278-supermarkets-for-rent, which is available on the territory of the Pionerskaya camp site. The lift can be used for a fee.

Regardless of the choice of movement, prepare warm clothes for yourself, because even on the lift you can get very cold.

A huge number of various Bulgarian fortresses. Such sights will delight history buffs. The most popular fortresses in Bulgaria are:
– The fortress located on Cape Kaliakra. There is a story that 40 girls from Bulgaria jumped from this cape, who were supposed to be enslaved by the Turks.
– Asen’s fortress, located in the Rhodope Mountains.
– Fortress of Tsepina and Serdika.
– Nessebar. This city has at its disposal a huge variety of churches. According to estimates, there are 40 churches and 11 thousand inhabitants in the city.

In this city, there is a division into two completely different parts. In one part there are high-class hotels, modern buildings, and in the other part there is a windmill and most of the buildings are older.
A sunken plane. This attraction is great for people who love to scuba dive. The aircraft is located 10 km east of the city of Varna at a depth of 22 meters.

Melnik. Considered the smallest city in Bulgaria, it is home to only 325 people. This city is distinguished by the presence of wineries on https://hata.co.ke/mombasa/42-mini-flats-for-rent its territory, where they produce the most delicious and high-quality wine in the whole country.

Bulgarian beaches. Although these attractions are in last place on the list, they are far from the last in importance. After all, having gone to see Bulgaria for the summer season, one cannot deny oneself to soak up the sun and swim in the much-desired sea.

On the territory of Bulgaria there are beaches for nudists, the most famous of these beaches is

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